Sabor... Always a good taste!


A pretty fresh bite...

  • €13.50Fresh tuna tartar with avocado and wasabi mayonnaise
  • €12.00Beef carpaccio
  • €16.50Trio of tuna(tartar, ceviche and smoked tuna)
  • €15.50Homemade duck liver terrine "Mi-cuit"
  • €12.50Tonnato "Sabor"

A tiny hot taster...

  • €13.50Scampi's in a creamy basil sauce with dried tomato
  • €16.50Baked duck liver with caramelised apple and gingerbread
  • €15.50Scallops "A la nage" with curry and mini eryngii mushrooms
  • €10.50Homemade chistorra croquettes with chilli mayonnaise

A field of grass...

  • €9.50Caesar salad "Sabor" with chicken
  • €11.50Salad with lukewarm goat cheese and apple dressing

Spoon it up...

  • €6.00Tomato soup with pesto
  • €8.50Creamy seafood soup

La vita e bella

  • €15.50Pasta with creamy mushroom sauce, parmesan cheese and truffle
  • €15.50Pasta "Teriyaki" with scampi's, green asparagus, parmesan cheese and sesame seeds
  • €15.50Pasta with bacon, zucchini, parmesan cheese, red pepper pesto and roquet salad

Water world...

  • €18.00Baked fillets of sole with "Beurre blanc"
  • €19.50Salmon wrapped in bacon with orange-basil sauce
  • €20.50Fillet of codfish with mussels and seafood "Beurre blanc"
  • €25.50Turbot with mushrooms and foie gras sauce
  • €20.50Bouillabaisse "Marseillaise"
  • €16.50Bouillabaisse "Marseillaise" (Smaller portion)

Something meaty...

  • €28.50Rack of lamb with crispy herbal crust and rosemary sauce
  • €28.50Beef tenderloin with grilled vegetables and truffle sauce (Lady steak 24,50€)
  • €19.50Leg of duck confit with Calvados sauce
  • €16.50Marinated boneless chicken thights with red curry sauce and pineapple beignets
  • €19.50Beef tartar (raw) with basil mayonnaise and crunchy parmesan cheese
  • €22.50Beef tenderloin italian style (sliced) with parmesan cheese, pesto, truffle and rocket salad
  • €17.50Pork cheeks with potatoe mousseline, mebrillo, vegetables and truffle sauce

Sweet dreams...

  • €6.50Vanilla ice-cream with Belgian chocolate sauce
  • €7.50Vanilla ice-cream with egg liqueur
  • €6.50Lemon sorbet with limoncello
  • €6.50Homemade Biscoff mousse
  • €5.50Homemade chocolate mousse
  • €8.50Café glacé
  • €9.50Sabayon
  • €7.50Homemade apple pie with vainilla ice-cream and cream
  • €7.50Chocolate vulcan
  • €8.50Cheese plate